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United Nation Development programme (UNDP )had a workshop for all stakeholders of waste management in the country at Accra City Hotel.

Ms. Gita Welch, who is Country Director of UNDP in an interview emphasized that, waste management has been and is still one of the hot topics in the public discourse in recent years. I believe that all of you are experts on this subject, so there is no need for me to present statistics or talk about the challenges affecting this sector. However, it is important to underscore that the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) cannot be met unless waste management and recovery are addressed as a priority.

It is reported globally that there are more than 7 million of us, and we are producing waste every day. A staggering half of that waste is not collected, treated or safely disposed of, and it's causing a global waste crisis. What I would rather like to focus our attention on is that, as challenging as this waste situation may look, it is important that we do not view waste only as an environmental or sanitation problem problem, but also as a resource that presents opportunities for economic development, job creation and technological innovation".

She said, I am sure that this concept is not new to you  as many of the institutions present today from government, research, private sector, civil society, etc ,have already started developing and in some cases implementing innovative solutions towards using waste in a productive manner. Some of these solutions were presented at a workshop jointly organized by UNDP, Guinness Ghana Limited and Impact Hub Accra last year".

Again, "the initiative we are launching today aims to address these challenges by creating a digital and one -stop shop solutions platform that connects all stakeholders along the waste management value chain, whilst providing tools to fill the data and information gaps I'm the system.

In the medium and long term, it is envisaged that this digital platform will provide ready and consistent data that will serve as a basic for economic and policy decisions on waste management and resource recovery. The initiative will also launch a national competition and provide technical and financial support to a few projects that will test innovative waste recovery solutions".

Ms. Gita Welch, concluded that, this initiative is funded by a new facility set up by the UNDP administrator, called country Investment Facility, which provides UNDP Country Offices with the opportunity to promote innovation and the use of technology as one of the most efficient and sustainable ways to expand the capabilities of people and communities".

Source| | Kofi Dwumah

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