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The Ministry of Transport    held a two (2) days forum for Urban Transport sector.

The Minister for transport ,Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah in his speech emphasized that," it is an honour for me to be part of this two (2) days fora which have brought together key stakeholders in the transport sector to discuss issues of urban transport infrastructure and services in the country".

He said, " for most of you here, the issues are not new but I believe we all desire sanity and affirmative action in the provision of transport infrastructure and services especially within our urban areas. I  am therefore confident that it is for a good cause that you have all honored our invitation and together, we can come out with a workable solution that will address these challenges".

Again, " the discussions would therefore focus on the following * Institutional framework for Urban transport management at the National and local level mainly with respect to institutional setup, coordination and capacity.

* Funding for Urban transport management with respect to budgeting, releases and resource mobilization.

* Civil Society participation in urban transport management

*Multi - modal planning and operation for city centers with respect to integration between land - use and urban transport planning.

* Public transport performance with forum on paratransit reforms.

* National Government support for Urban transport management in  secondary cities. It is my belief that this two (2) day fora will provide us another opportunity to address the issues confronting Urban mobility in our country ".

Further more, the transport situation in our major cities, especially Accra and Kumasi, is characterized by heavy congestion particularly during the peak hours. The crippling congestion in urban areas is aggravated by inadequate policy frameworks as well as poor coordination between stakeholder Agencies. Improving Urban mobility and accessibility are some of the most Urban and critical measure that can guarantee sustainable and inclusive Urban development, bringing with them major economic, social and environmental benefits".

Hon. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah concluded," through this dialogue, we hope to gain insight on a full range of issues affecting the sector and solicit input into the final report to ensure that the consultant will rely heavily on the expertise of stakeholder institutions represented here and their collective experience".

Source | | Kofi dwumah

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