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One Smart Star Ghana

MTN Ghana team up with One Smart Star Ghana to introduce Star Phone Service  to integrate all the organisation, communication channels  in one place with one number at MTN HOUSE in Accra.

Mrs. Amaley Ampofo, The AC, CMO of MTN Ghana emphasized that, " we live in a fast paced world where time, however small, is very critical. As a technology driven organization, we always look for innovative services that will enhance the experience of the customers we serve. As a result, we form partnerships with likeminded organization To Help make this mission a reality."

Today's event excites me in a special way, since it helps solve an issue that worries many Ghanaians. One of the problems we identified in the market is the issue of dealing with several phone numbers or digits when we need to reach businesses or organizations. The short codes created have mostly been designed to take SMS. Toll-free numbers are usually very long and there is the need to request for a number, the next thing will be for you to look for a place to write or store the number. In extreme cases, the challenge will be to memorize the number and this something we most often fail to do,she said."

Again, "she said, to solve this problem and make it much easier to reach organizations,Fast Food joints and many more, MTN in partnership with One Smart Star Ghana Ltd, Is happy to introduce onto the market, The Star Phone Service.
The Star Phone Service, is a unique dial code and App that allows customers to contact businesses just by single dial or tap without having to deal with the lengthy 10 digit phone numbers. This therefore gives our customers the flexibility of living a digitally connected lifestyle with very little stress."

Mrs. Amaley Ampofo concluded, MTN in investing more than $144 million to expand the network. Our focus on building a solid and robust network is driven by our desire to deliver a uniquely distinct customer experience than none can offer in this space."

Source | Kofi Dwumah

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