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Facility Management Association in Ghana  celebrated (World Facility Management Day) at Coconut Groove Hotel in Accra. had an interview with Mr. Aloysius Attiogbe (the Manager of O and M Africa west Area )and he emphasized that,people are now becoming more aware of their health and safety at their work place. Previously, people were not paying attention to what they eat or drink.

But now we realize that people are interested in what go inside them. Now  people have gotten more interesting in their health and their safety in the work place. So they questioning the employers about the things that are not safe in the environment,and the employers have a duty of care to ensure that these things that are causing health and safety problems are removed.

According to him, Ghana is improving,but we  need  facility management association to throw their weight behind and Ensure that these things happen. There are a lot of codes that are not been complied to,it is unfortunate. But we need to comply to those codes. Because people will one day be prosecuted and it wouldn't be fair.

Again The employers and the employees have their role to play,and to ensure that health and safety is guaranteed.

He concluded by saying that, We have to  create awareness on these issues and the Government should also subsidize some of the Health and safety problems.

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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