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The Health Concern Ghana, organized a discussion forum to improve the Health service in Ghana with theme "LET EVERY MOTHER AND EVERY NEWBORN COUNT SENSITIZATION."

An interview with Mrs. Mary Aboagye, the Executive Director of (Health Concern Ghana) and she said, the main objective of this event is to sensitize health care providers and health partners on the right attitude towards the promotion of maternal and neonatal health in Ghana. Indeed, the health of mothers and newborns can be so frail and fragile that the attitude of a caregiver could make all the difference between life and death."

She mentioned that, "Mother's Day is only a few days away. On Sunday, May 15th 2018,many women are going to be remembered and celebrated by their children (biological, adopted and foster). Some husbands will also join their children to lavish mothers with love, gifts, special meals, among others. While it is undoubtedly a day of joy and merrymaking for many women, it is also a day of sadness for a great number of women who are reminded of their lose. The loss of children they carried but never delivered alive, those were delivered but never held them in their hands, those who held their babies but only for a few moments, those who could not take their babies home because they were in the world for a brief moment  and those who carried their babies home but did not survive the first month."

"As a professional midwife myself, I have encountered two midwives with contracting attitudes.  The first midwife had no empathy. Shortly after I delivered my preterm twin boys, she shouted from the nurses station, "No oxygen ". Without an ounce of empathy and no apparent sign of value for human life, she did not even bother to rise from her desk to attempt to salvage the situation. No, she simply could not be bothered. So she sat at her desk, and did nothing as the twin breathed their last."

Mrs. Mary Aboagye said, my experience with these two midwives is a clear reflection of the impact that the attitudes of health professionals have on their clients. I still bear the pain when I remember how the first midwife showed no concern. I am also eternally grateful for the second midwife who saved my life and the life of my daughter. When I speak about maternal and newborn health, I speak from my heart. It pains me to know that after 33 years, newborns continue to die due to lack of oxygen. It is even more painful to know that there are still health professionals who work with a level of apathy that makes the loss of lives even more painful to bear."

As health professionals, our attitude can make all the difference! With the right attitude, we can safeguard the lives of mothers and newborns. Instead of being impatient with mothers in labour, let us direct our anger and impatience to systems that refuse to ensure that hospitals and clinics are well-being resourced with the right equipment and basic necessities. Instead of yelling at expectant mothers during antenatal classes, let us educate them and assure them that the hospital /clinic is a friendly environment,she said."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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