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The 8th Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition launched at Best Western Hotel in Accra.

Mrs. Alberta Akosua Akyaa Akosa, the (Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, stated that, "I welcome you all to this historic event. I call it historic because from today, Agrihouse Foundation takes over the organisation of the  pre-harvest agribusiness Conference and exhibition from USAID ACDI VOCA which has handled it very effectively. She said, as part of their sustainability plan, the USAID ADVANCE is, from this year, handling over the organisation and management of the pre-Harvest Agribusiness event to Agrihouse Foundation. Sincerely, this is very humbling indeed and, as I thank them for this rare trust, I also thank them for the great vision itself which came when Ghana needed it most. I assure them that we will efficiently and effectively run with the vision to fulfill its entire ultimate objective."

According Her, "as we take over this important platform, we, at Agrihouse Foundation know that the vision is far into the future and with an every day impact potential. We are thus mindful of the need to raise the bar and stay relevant to the needs, expectation and aspiration of all stakeholders without any attempt to sound boastful, I would like to assure all stakeholders, that, we have all that it takes to accomplish all its goals and we are already forging ahead to sustain the event and further build a competitive networking and marketing platform."

We have gathered here today to formally launch this Ghana's big agriculture event that does not only bring the much needed growth stimulation, the sector needs but,also, facilitates the growth of agribusiness in Ghana. The theme for this year's pre-Harvest Conference and Exhibition is: Transforming Agricultural Production in Northern Ghana:The role of modern agro-base industries". This then seeks to get the Agribusiness sector to influence transformation, with the heightened focus on public - private partnership, investment opportunities, raise the bar and create an action - driven blueprint for an increasing sustainable agricultural movement,she said."

Mrs. Alberta Akosua Akyaa Akosa, concluded that, the idea of the pre-harvest Agribusiness event therefore, comes as a necessary response to this need, to come in as a facilitator providing the right platform for bringing commodity buyers, agribusiness service provider and farmers to establish business relationship and discuss contracts and explore and exploit other growth possibilities."

Dr.  Nurah Gyiele,the Hon. Minister of State for Agriculture, also emphasized in his speech that, "it is a great pleasure to be part of this event that has brought together so many notable industry players in the agriculture sector to launch yet another planned exhibition during which we will have an opportunity to create partnership and share agribusiness development ideas among farmers and agribusinesses and find ways to advance agriculture in Ghana to the level where, as a country, we can begin to talk of agricultural transformation."

The Government of president Akuffo Addo is determined to make agriculture the engine of growth and job creation in Ghana. Let me note here that after a difficult 2016 when we achieved a 3.0 percent agriculture sector growth, the sector according to the Ghana statistical service has made good progress as it recorded  a provisional growth rate of 8.4 percent at the end of 2017. To sustain this growth rate we will need to increase both public and private sector investment in the agriculture sector, to generate significant gains in productivity, employment and rural poverty reduction. I am happy to  say that it is for the purpose of generating significant gains in productivity, employment and rural poverty reduction that the government of president Nana Akuffo Addo launched the planting for Food add Jobs programme which is currently making impressive strides,he said."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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