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Today, Feed the Future Ghana organized a forum for stakeholders on the fertilizer which is suitable to Ghanaian soil at Moovenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

Mr.  Gary R. Mullins,(ph.D,Chief of party, Feed the Future Ghana Agriculture Technology Transfer Project (ATT) emphasized that, "the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) believe that this forum raises at a most critical time, a matter of great importance to the Northern Region of Ghana and, indeed, to the country as a whole. Even more so in light of the Government of Ghana 's substantial investment in accelerating the country's agricultural production through its "planting for Food and Job" initiative.


Over the past five years, IFDC and AGRA have collaborated on numerous activities in support of expanding the production and access by smallholder farmers to quality, certified seed, particularly in the maize, rice and soybean value chains.

Significant achievement have been made through these various activities and the benefits of certified seed use demonstrated again and again, with notable productivity gains ( oftentimes double or more current average yields) achieved, translating into increased household income and community food security. 

Seed is, however, only one of the essential cropping components - SEED- SOIL- WATER,and even as our seed technology transfer efforts were being rewarded, we were becoming Increasingly aware of a similar need to focus attention on the other components which, like that of seed, are sorely in need of updating and infusion of new investment. Without similar attention to the stewardship of Northern Ghana's soil, even the best seed will not perform to its full potential."

According to Mr. Gary, the objectives of this forum are, to present the latest scientific information on the state of the soil of Northern Ghana,to note the implications of their status on sustained crop productivity, to discuss options for improving soil stewardship, and to promote fresh dialogue amongst the interested parties -agricultural producer organization, public policy -makers, and private sector input provider -out of which we hope will evolve an Action plan to improve soil stewardship, preserve soil fertility,and sustain long -term crop productivity."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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