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The Global Action Week For Education 2018 is launched at Ghana Academy of Art and Science in Accra.

Global Action Week for education is one of major point for the education movement created and led by the Global campaign for education, it provides every one campaigning for the right to education with an opportunity to make targeted effort to achieve change on the ground with the added support of million of members of the public worldwide joining together for the same cause.

The Global Action week for education in 2018 takes place between the 22nd and 28th of April, following up on last year's theme of accountability for SDG4 through citizen participation will continue focusing on bolding government and the international community to account for implementing the full SDG4 agenda -asking government to "keep your promises". After the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) financing conference at the start of 2018,where developing country government donor countries and various partners pledged to increase funds to education, it is time for government to prove they are actually working towards financing public, equitable, inclusive and free education, it is time to act. That is why we are calling for government to "keep your promises" pledges made towards funding SDG4 must be  implemented effectively ensuring that children and adults around the world can receive quality public education.

Mr. Bright Appiah, GNECC executive Council Chairman and Executive Director of Child Right International emphasized that, "For this year, our government has signed up to  a deal that by 2030, things will change in education sector. So on this bases, the Global Action Week for education is looking at issues relating to accountability towards the SDG 4 and how citizens can participate actively in the process."He said ,as a coalition on the bases of the global team also decided that, in Ghana our team is going to be "Strengthening Citizens Participation and Accountability in Education Management".on this bases we are launching this celebration in Ghana. Again, as a coalition we consider accountability as critical for the attainment of the SDG."

According to him, the reason is simple, we are not only targeting Government or asking them to be accountable to the things that have made,but we think that, we can also hold the citizens accountable for been accountable in the process by monitoring what Government does and what we can also contribute to the development of the education. If that happens it means that, our school management team will have to play their role as PTA also have to play their role and all associations that relate to education should also play their role to ensure that we have achieved that goal."

Prof. Addae-Memsah, Former Vice Chancellor University of Ghana, finalized it by saying, "Ghana should create equity in our  educational system for the students to have access to all the courses. He also urged the Government to reduce some of the educational facilities for those who are in need to have quality education."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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