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The Coalition of NGOs launched campaigned against Child trafficking in Ghana.

Mr. Leonard Kobina Ackona on behalf of coalition of NGOs stated that," I want to express our profound gratitude to you for joining us for this historic event. Your presence here is evidence of your commitment to ending child trafficking in Ghana, which is our great ambition.

Today marks a strong demonstration that ending child trafficking is possible if we unite and bring together our diverse expertise, knowledge and resources."The problem of child trafficking in Ghana is vast and brutal. The menace is quiet prevalent in our fisheries, on our cocoa farms, and in our mines. We also encounter some cases of cross-border trafficking.

According to him, studies indicate that nearly 50,000 children work in Ghana's fishing industry, with tens of thousands working on Lake Volta alone. Approximately 125,000 children working in the mining industry where they are subjected to highly dangerous working conditions. Across Ghana, 1.2 million children, 14.2 percent of all Ghanaian children are engaged in a hazardous forms of child labour. Some children have also been trafficking into domestic servitude and early force marriages in parts of our country.

He said again, "each day, children  some as young as four  work long  hours in hazardous conditions. They often display symptoms of trauma, scars from beatings, and sexual abuse. Their distended bellies and discoloured hair are signs of acute malnutrition. A majority of children forced to assist with fishing on the lake are under the age of 10. One in five of these victims is six years old or younger."

He concluded that, we are committed to eliminating this deep rooted menace of child trafficking. If we are to be  successful it is important to harmonise the efforts of both state and non-Muslims state actors. In view of the complexity and vastness of the problem, it will be essential to build a strong coordinated platform of organisations to compliment the government's efforts at ending child trafficking in Ghana. It is for this reason that CNACT has been formed. CNACT  is a voluntary association of over twenty national and international NGOs working together to end child trafficking in Ghana."

The  second lady of the Republic of Ghana Mrs. Samiria Bawumia also supported the coalition to fight against child trafficking in Ghana. She urged them to count on her anytime they need support as well.

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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