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Today is World Consumer Right Day,and National Communication Authority (NCA) had an opportunity to interaction with market women at "DOME " for their opinion and their problems concerning the Telecom service providers in Ghana. had an interview with Mrs. Defie Badu,the Director for Consumer Affairs (NCA) and she said, "National Communication Authority is a Government institution which offer authority and license to the Telecom service providers in Ghana to operate. We also monitor the consumers and those who provide the service to the consumers . NCA make sure good quality service are provided to the consumers.

For about four (4) weeks or month now,we organized press released on poor performance and billing complains that the Telecom service providers offering to the public." So NCA called all the Telecom service providers and dialogues  on that  issues. NCA made them  Understood that, on March, NCA intended to start quality of service monitoring across the whole country starting from the district capital in which they Supposed to cover all that areas. According to her, NCA has started the programme in five (5) regions now and when they finish, the other five (5) regions will have their turn.

Secondly, the  billing  monitoring will take place shortly, concerning the complains on the billing and disappearing of consumers credit on their phones,and also bundles failing and other things. So NCA is tell the service providers that they should make sure that, when the consumer's bundle and credit is about to finish, the service provider should alert the consumers.

Mrs. Badu said again, the consumers also have very right to call NCA on the toll-free line 0800110622 to make their complains and also verify on any problems they will encounter during using any network."

Mrs. Defie Badu made it cleared that, "NCA does not transact business on money,it is Ghana commercial Bank that have the right to transact business on money. But the mobile money we use, people think that NCA is responsible to mobile money which is not true.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to be careful when they receive a call from people telling them that,  I am service provider so give me your PIN-CODE for transaction. NCA is telling Ghanaians not to  give PIN-CODE which is their property to anyone.

When you receive such a call,contact your service provider for proper verification to protect the PIN-CODE. Consumers should also be attentive on these fraudulence issues."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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