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The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs had a policy dialogue with chief directors of various Government Institutions in Ghana today at kempinski Hotel in Accra, for their obligations to Tax collection and payment to GRA.

 According to Rev. Joseph Oduro Yeboah,who is the Assistant Commissioner of (GRA )."Ghana beyond aid means that, Ghana must use it own money to do all it projects and activities. However, if Ghana suppose to manage it own affairs, then Ghana Revenue Authority have  the right to collect all the Taxations on behalf of Ghana."

 He said in his interview with,"what we do is that, every year, we have program that we run for all Tax payers to register for payment of their Taxation. There is also massive program to expand the Tax base which is identification number program that GRA running so we can account for every Taxable person who do business and make some profit in Ghana."

 He said, "another thing is that,  if you are renting a property or facility for residential purposes,the owner of the property will pay 8 per cent of the rent. If it's commercial purposes as well, the person will pay 15 per cent of the rent. Again,if  it's investment, the person will pay 8 per cent as Dividend. if you loan to somebody and there is an interest, you will pay 8 per cent of the interest. If you are corporate entity and you do business with somebody for supply of  goods and it's above 2,000,Ghana hold 3 per cent of the cost. If it's works and it's above 2,000,Ghana hold 5 per cent and if it's rendering service to somebody too,Ghana hold 7.5 per cent. So with all these, what ever somebody is doing, they will be able to pay  their taxes to the Government. So GRA is asking everybody to come for the registration of their business, so that you can contribute also to the Taxation of the country."

In closing remarks,Hon. Shirley Ayorkor the (Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration) emphasized that, "I am delighted to close the maiden edition of the policy dialogue for Chief Directors. I understand that for the past four days you have been exchanging ideals and and sharing experiences on issues that will lead to the advancement of the Ghana economy as well as improve the we-being and living conditions of our compatriots.

My foremost gratitude goes to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for your ingenious initiative to build capacity, as well as provide a platform for sharing of information among our esteemed Chief Directors. I wish to particularly express my warmest gratitude to Mr. Joseph Atta Mensah, Bartholomew Armah, Kojo Busia, David Luke and Madam Zewditu for their longstanding dedication and commitment to the economic advancement of our country.

She added, I also pleased to observe that you have, so expertly, refashioned last year's policy dialogue, organised for the Management of my Ministry, into such a laudable event of great national importance. Ghana's historic renown as a continental trailblazer is justly preserved."

According Her, "the need for a structure transformation of Ghana's economy has engendered the emplacement of revolutionary programmes and initiatives by Government such as planting for Food and Job and One District One Factory.

There is a present call for more vibrant public-private partnership, as well as the reorganization and overhaul of our agricultural, industrial and trade sectors. In this connection, I  am optimistic that the excellently chosen topics have not only been insightful,but have indeed awakened in us keen desire to propel our economy to greater heights."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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