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Money not reason going full-time Gospel - Chemphe


R&B and Afro Pop artiste, Chemphe has announced that he is permanently switching from doing secular music to Gospel.

Perhaps this will not be a surprise to many people considering that he has become more involved with the things of God over the years.

In fact, he is currently a minister of God at the Impact House, formerly known as Dominion Family Chapel at Community 25, Tema.

In an interview with Showbiz on Tuesday, Chemphe real name Henry Agyekum-Chemphe, said his decision to drop secular music for Gospel music is not for financial gains but rather to bring people closer to Christ.

“I know people will raise eyebrows about my decision but I am not doing Gospel music to make money.

The Gospel music industry is not as lucrative as secular music so that cannot be the reason I have chosen to do Gospel music.

I am fulfilling the calling of God in my life and winning souls for Christ and I am not going back,” he said.

Chemphe said he has always had a strong relationship with God which reflected in his songs but now he had been given his true purpose, which is to lift up worship in His name.

“I have been a Christian all my life this is why my songs were always clean and spoke about loving your neighbour.

I also released several Gospel songs in the past and every album of mine has a Gospel single but since 2014 when I was ordained as a minister of God, I have decided to do only Gospel music,” he said.

The Why singer who kept quoting portions of the Bible said the journey so far has not been an easy one.

“It has been a learning process for me both in terms of the overall experience as well as finding out what God wants me to do.

I have learnt to trust Him and allow Him lead the way for me because doing things God’s way is not always easy.

These moments have made me grow and you can see that it is reflected in my songs,” he said.

This month, Chemphe is set to release the first single, titled Me Do Yesu off his upcoming Gospel album.

Me Do Yesu is produced by Strawberry House Entertainment and mixed by Kaywa for Highly Spiritual Music.

“The single expresses a deep posturing of who I am with Him and in His presence.

This is written on my heart as a daily surrender because I’m totally surrendered to Him”, he stated.

Chemphe came to attention with his hit single Why in 2006.

He also has other songs like One People and Number One.

He now joins artistes like Lord Kenya who is now a reverend and does Gospel music after a chart topping career as a Hiplife act.

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