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international Women's Day

The Ministry of Gender,Children and social  protection,and  Hon. Otiko Afisa Djaba who is the Minister yesterday organized women walk to match the celebration of "Women's Day" on the 8th March . The walk started from circle roundabout through the principal street of Accra and had their destination at Independent square.

Hon. Afisa Otiko Djaba in Her speech emphasized that, "the international Women's Day is to bring  forth the issues of women in Ghana and especially women in the world .

Ghana is sixty one (61)years old, how many women are in school,how many women are still being married under age,how many women are still practicing prostitution ,Drugs,Arm Robbery,being Defiled or Rapped?she asked.

international Women's Day

According to her, we are challenging all Ghanaians that, women too deserve to be of development. She again said, fifty one (51)per cent population of Ghanaians are women,that means over half of our population are women and the other half is born by women. So we need to respect our women, we need to offer all women a chance so that they can take their rightful place in development.

When a person marry a child at thunder age, child involved in teenage pregnancy, Trafficking or prostitution,you steal the future of that child who could be a good Journalist, Teacher, Pilot or Doctor for the mother Ghana. But when  you cut off their destiny by marrying them at the thunder age,it means you are stealing the future of Ghana."

Hon. Afisa Djaba
Hon. Afisa Djaba

Hon. Afisa Djaba made it cleared that, the whole Africa sees Ghana as a pride of Africa and jewellery of Africa. We have come a long way when challenges of women are still too many in Ghana . And because everybody has a mother, sister, Grandmother or Female. We must ensure that we give our women a helping hand and then push the them to be bold, strong, help, support and complement the activities of our men so together side by side,boys and girls, Men and women we will fight for Ghana beyond aid."

She also said, On the 8th March,The First Lady of land Her Excellency Rebecca Akufo Addo will be organising panel discussion to talk about women issues and role of Education in the development of women. And on Friday dinner dance will be held at Movinpick Hotel in Accra to raise money for the initiative operation get off the street,So that people who suppose not to be on the street will vacate from the street,it's a collective responsibility,she said.

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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