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Dr.  Hassan  Ayariga,the leader and founder of ALL PEOPLE'S CONGRESS PARTY (APCP)had a press conference in his office at Haatso in Accra. Dr.Hassan Ayariga in his speech said, "I read your reports of the vice president calling on Governments to pray for him and the president because it is not easy to be president. Reality has visited him now. When he was babbling about every other person except him being incompetent, he was advised to stop babbling because he did not know what it takes to be president but he did not take heed. Now he has been vice president of only one year and is already collapsing. It took the intervention of our Muslim Brotherhood and Christian leadership to pray day and night for his recovery. What will happen if he goes on for two years or even in the unlikely event he becomes president? Only God knows."

Clearly Bawumia should begin to reexamine himself. He did not collapse as a result of hard work but frustration, frustration at the fact that he has been overwhelmed by the magnitude of economic challenges he faces to which he has no answers. His own 170 statements/ question to PAA KWESI AMISSAH ARTHUR is still not answered. Can he answered them? What goes around comes around. The dollar he claimed he arrested has broken jail stubbornly. He is not able to reduce fuel prices drastically neither is he able to pay the so -called restored allowance. He borrowed many billions of dollars and had nothing to show for them. Electricity tariffs are skyrocketing. Competent borrowing indeed."

According to him, it is no secret the volume of corruption being covered up in the current administration. The lip service to fighting corruption has been exposed by the Transparency International's CPI unprecedented ranking of Ghana. We have a president who has mastered covering up corruption under his belt. No successful investigation has been allowed to reveal the true nature of occurrences of incidence of corruption.

Hon.Ayariga made it cleared that, Martin Amidu's appointment as special prosecutor is only going to showcase a semblance of fighting the canker but in reality it means nothing. The Attorney General alone is enough to prosecute corrupt officials. Isn't it the same Attorney General's department that prosecuted Hon. Abuga Pele and Mr. Philip Assibit Akpena and secured jail sentences for them? I must commend former president John Dramani Mahama for demonstrating leadership by punishing his own, this rarely happens and I don't foresee so such kind happening under this NPP regime. Not because the appointees of Nana Akufo Addo are not corrupt, no, I am only scared he cannot prosecute them considering the speed at which he is covering them up and clearing scandals of his regime. It is safe to say that Flagstaff House is now, corruption clearing house."Again time our media men and women get closer to the president, they laugh happily at everything he say, even if it is not funny. The ask him praising and irrelevant questions, question that cannot impact on the lives of the masses. The reality is that, the current regime is very corrupt and incompetent but they are shielded by our media men and women. It is very unfortunate. What Transparency international just did exposed the hypocrisy in the system, it shows how we see but refuse to expose,he said."

He explained, corruption has taken over the state departments and we are busy trying to justify it by blaming others for  our involvement. Every government in its first year scores a higher mark in the corruption perception index in our fourth Republic. Strangely it is only president Nana Addo who has failed to continue the trend. No government under the fourth Republic has ever recorded massive corruption allegations in its first train office like under this NPP regime. No wonder our president has been named as the tenth most corrupt president in Africa. I agree with Sydney casely Hanford that the CPI ranking was charitable, it should have been worse."

He clearly said, corruption is not only about bribes.
Government loses greatly and development is very slow and expensive when we engage in corruption. We need to put relevant institutions and tasks them to deliver by monitoring their activities and resources. Educate citizens on different types of corruption. It's so important to understand the different kinds of corruption to develop smart responses.

Bring together formal and informal processes (this means working with the government as well as  non-governmental organizations) to change behavior and monitor progress. Citizens should be made to respect the rules and regulations of the law of the country ,sanctions should be taken against those who go contrary to the laws.

Digitalize all governments agencies and public institutions so that cash transaction is eradicated completely. Use the power of technology to build dynamic and continuous exchanges between key stakeholders,government,citizens,business,  civil society groups media and academia.
Punishing corruption is a vital component of any effective anti-corruption  effort. Without fear or favor. Monitor public and private sector activities and their banking activities including all income flows of all workers."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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