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Daylight Robberies: It is not a national crisis-Kweku Baako

Daylight Robberies: It is not a national crisis-Kweku Baako

Contrary to claims that the country is facing a national crisis following the increasing cases of deadly robberies, veteran Journalist, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Junior disagrees.

On Metro TV Good Morning Ghana on Thursday, he observed that the situation has not gotten to that level as is being reported by some media houses in the country.

Though he admits the situation is gradually assuming an alarming proportion, he was doubtful if that could be described as a national crisis as reported in the mainstream media.

“I am not too sure it is a national crisis. I heard some radio stations this morning talking of national crises, I am not sure about. I don’t feel it as a national crisis. This is why I mean by I should be cautious and should not be tagged as an insensitive person but I being realistic about it whiles I am concerned about it ….I am not too sure about it. I don’t think exaggeration will help in the fight against the crime wave we are talking about”, he stated.

He called for citizens’ awareness and alertness in order not create panic as one of the surest bets in fighting the upsurge in crime in the country. The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide advised the citizenry to be focused and aware of partnering with the police in the fight against crime backing calls for the retooling of the Ghana Police Service.

Crime statistics indicate there have been 89 robberies in January 2018 alone higher than figures recorded in the same period over the last six years.

In 2017, 51 robberies were recorded in the same period. The 2018 figures are not just staggering in number but also in the form and manner the robberies are undertaken.

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