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Three 'spiritual messiahs' tormenting Ghana’s entertainment industry – Islamic Cleric

Renowned Ghanaian Islamic Cleric, who is also a numerologist and a philosopher, says the numerous untimely deaths of young Ghanaian entertainers are all spiritual.

Mallam Shamuna Ustaz jibril described the situation as “unfortunate” after dancehall artiste, Ebony felled victim to what he termed as “spiritual murder”.

The soothsayer and spiritual hacker claimed some “spiritual messiahs” are the cause of deaths in the entertainment industry due to a position an artiste wants to occupy. 

“Someone is seeking for an international position in the Illuminati society and needs to provide spiritual collaterals before that position. The only way is to kill the young and talented ones. Ebony's death is no exception,” he told

According to him, “If these three spiritual murderers are not wiped out from the system, the tragedies will continue unabated. Why are all the tragedies on Thursday? Why all in the leap year?" he quizzed.

Mallam Shamuna Ustaz jibril however noted that, to avert the untimely death, “two antelopes must be sacrificed on Thursday by either Ebony's family or Ghana Government, and the meat should be roasted for mad men and women in the City of Accra.”

“The murderers after the sacrifices will confess to the media, damages they have caused in the music industry in the mid afternoon on Thursday”. 

“Alternatively, if antelopes are not available, they should get a fresh tongue of a buffalo and roast it for three mad females in the city of Accra,” he said. 

He also warned Shatta Wale to be prayerful to avert a possible death – “Shatta Wale should not underestimate the vaticination of the pastor because I hacked and saw an association of witches working against him spiritually. So the Pastor did that to raise his image should the prediction comes to pass. Allah knows best.”

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