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The Societe Generale ABEN WO HA promotion Final Draw was held today at their Head office  in Accra.

Mr.Obed Hoyah who is the (Head, Retail Network of SG) in His speech said, "we expected a strong turnout but this has indeed exceeded our expectation and we are very grateful for the support from all our cherish customers. You have simply been amazing. The enthusiasm for the promotion was very encouraging. I am pleased to say customer's response to the promo as a whole, as well as the mini draw which took place all over the country was quite good. 60 winners were selected in the mini draws held in Tamale, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tema, and now we can it all off with the biggest of them all-THE FINAL DRAW."

ACCORDING him,"There has been high level of patronage, as customers from all corners of the nation visited our banking halls to make their deposits which will enable them to take part in the Aben Wo Ha deposit and win promotion."

Mr. Obed said again, "We are very happy to  have held  four successful draws where we awarded 60 customers with variety of wonderful gifts including Flat screen TV's and the latest smart phone. We look forward to select( 6) more lucky customers today to win the most exciting of all the gifts in this promotion, 1 brand new Suzuki Baleno each. We also glad to state that, thanks to the Aben Wo Ha promotion, we have experienced additions to the SG Ghana team with many more people opening accounts with us."

In conclusion,Mr.Obed Hoyah emphasized, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. We have reached the climax of this fantastic promo, and we are about to find who our six lucky winners will be."

After the speech of Mr. Obed Hoyah,the draw was held  and six)(6) customers of SGB who were (1) Mr. Alexandra Awuku, (2) Mr. Taye S.  Oyu, (3)Mary Asabea  Ato, (4)Albert Sanyo Zoranoo, (5)Gifty Thomson and (6)Fati Nyagima. All these six(6)customers were crown as winners all over the country and the  winners carry home one(1) Suzuki car each.

Mr. Obed Hoyah congratulated all the  winners and emphasized that, the company will be awarding their loyal customers every year. So He is encouraging everybody to open an account with  Societe Generale Bank."

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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