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The Centre For Democratic Development (CDD) GHANA had Workshop of Infrastructure for poverty Eradication Program at Alisa Hotel in Accra.

Mr.  H.  Akwasi Prempeh Executive Director of (CDD) said in His speech ,The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in it 2016 elections manifest promised to allocate 1 million dollars of the national capital expenditure budget to each electoral constituency. According to government, the IPEP seek to enhance capital infrastructure my expanding existing capital structures at the district /constituency level, and accelerate growth by creating jobs and reducing poverty particularly in rural and deprived communities.

I'm line with CDD -Ghana 's commitment to  foster integrity in public administration, and in the bid to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of government development projects, the  Centre, with funding from the Department for International Development (DFID) under it strengthening Action Against corruption (STAAC) project, initiated the  IPEP Tracker project. We rolled out preliminary monitoring and evaluation of IPEP across the  10 regions to track performance of institutions in charge of the IPEP initiative."

"Today, we are here to share, in detail, findings of our initial monitoring of the processes and state of play of the implementation of IPEP at the national, regional the district /constituency level. We would also outdoor the Centre's new initiative "IPEP Tracker ",which will continue to monitor the implementation of the program.

According Him,CDD Ghana, as we all know, is dedicated to the promotion of society and government, based on the rule of law, and appreciate check on the power of the state. The Centre's activities are aimed at using research to generate evidence on a wide range of good governance and democratic development themes and engaging practitioners and wider society - thereby strengthening democracy and development."

"The Centre uses workshops, such as this, to disseminate information of national interest, advocate national policy reforms, engender debate on national issues  and promote citizen participation in the development and governance process. Today 's workshop, as always, has attracted leading experts and practitioners on governance  democracy, and development. I would not like to take the wind out of my colleague 's sail by diving into the details of the report just yet. But I am very sure that this workshop will help entrench the principles of accountability,transparency and participatory governance needed to ensure that the program achieves it expected effect on the livelihoods of Ghanaians.

I am pleased about the experience we would share across on the broad area of governance, public administration, and development. I believe this will be of great relevance as we seek to make our country more democratically open and better. But your contribution towards this success of this programme should not end here. I would entreat you all-and the general public -to take active part in ensuring an efficient management of public funds allocated to the IPEP,said by Mr. H Akwasi Prempeh.

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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