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Stop The Long Grammar And Reduce Fuel Prices - COPEC Tells NPA

Fuel Prices

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers [COPEC], has said it will embark on another demonstration if the National Petroleum Authority [NPA] does not work on the reduction of Petroleum products.

COPEC in collaboration with the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), on Wednesday demonstrated on the streets of Accra to force government to reduce taxes on petroleum products whose prices are soaring.

But the Chief Executive Officer of the NPA, Hassan Tampuli, said government cannot review taxes on petroleum products any longer because the taxes had been incorporated into government’s revenue projections for the year.

However, speaking on News Wire on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ Wednesday evening, the Executive Secretary of COPEC, Duncan Amoah, contended that the NPA could review the taxes on fuel and if they failed to do so, he would lead a bigger demonstration against government over the fuel hikes.

Despite the NPA assuring that prices would remain fairly stable at the pumps in the latter part of 2017,both petrol and diesel go for 4 cedis 62 pesewas at some fuel stations.

Experts have said fuel prices have gone up due to rise in oil prices, and the marginal depreciation of the Cedi, but COPEC believes the NPA could still review the taxes further for the benefit of Ghanaians regardless their "long press statements" to debunk their claims.

"We want to feel the results at the pump. Any attempt to increase fuel prices further would be met fiercely out  there on the streets," Mr Amoah said.

"We want to feel the results at the pumps, we want to see the results in our pockets. it's not the long grammar, it's not the long English, it's not the long English, it's not the big statements. We have all along been indicating to government the prices are going up, what you get from them is a complete denial," he said while he advised the NPA to be realistic and act on reducing the prices of fuel.

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