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Pastor arrives in Rolls Royce,horses and police entourage as he steps into his church

It is no longer news that some pastors love to show off their flamboyant lifestyles. This show off has made many believe that they are making use of church members' offerings to enjoy life to the fullest but many do not realise some of these clergymen run private businesses.

A South African pastor and general overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, Alph Lukau, is in the news after he made a grand entry into the church premises. It was also reported that this is not the first time he would make such an entry but it has become his tradition, especially when he returns from a long trip.

According to a Twitter user The Instigator (@AmBlujay), he shared the video of Pastor Lukau’s grand entry into the church with the caption: “No this is not a politician, it's Pastor Lukau making a church entrance.”


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