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Open Discussion on Policy Formulation For Disables, Women and Youth


The office of the minister in charge of public procurement today had a stakeholders discussion on 30 percent of the 70 percent of the local content for women, youth and person with disable at Alisa Hotel in Accra.

Hon. Adwoah Sarfo ,MP for DOME- KWABENYA and Minister for Public Procurement in Her speech said,"My outfit was established by His Excellency the president in 2017 because of the enormous relevance he places in using proper procurement, rules, regulations, procedures and practices to protect the public purse. Statistically,about 70-80 percent of our total revenue as a country and in most developing countries are spent on government procurement's. Those figures show that a huge chunk of our money are spent through government procurement s,hence making the area a veritable arena for corruption."

She  emphasized that, "to sanctify and regulate our public administration and utilization or public funds, many laws have been enacted to protect the public purse and these include public procurement Act, 2016(Act 921)and the Financial Administration Regulations. She said again, irrespective of the enactment of all these laws, whose sole aim is to tighten the loose ends and make the misappropriation of public Funds unattractive the people still bend over backwards to manipulate the system and loot the state."

His Excellency the president of the Republic had a premonition that state resources go waste through improper procurement practices hence depriving the citizens of the needed development. President has therefore adopted the mantra, Ghana beyond Aid' Indeed Ghana can really go beyond aid if we adopt and implement the right policies and take the necessary decisions."

The  president strongly believes that a lot of savings can be made from public procurement if the right policies are put in place to check the wanton abuse of the procurement methods and this boldly justify the creation of my Ministry,She said. This Ministry exist to play advisory role to the president on matters of public procurement and to also formulate policies based on the president's vision. Our role does conflict with public procurement Authority at all as we both have clearly defined roles,He said."

According Her, What my Ministry is tasked by His Excellency the president to do is to help formulate policies and strategies of  government in order to realign the vision of the state to be on the same page at every institutions or entities with that government's priorities. We got the opportunity to advise these institutions appropriately and gave them step by step approach to achieving transparency, efficiency and value for money in their procurements. We together with the public procurement Authority succeeded in reducing drastically the number of approvals for the sole sourcing and restrictive tendering. The is evident in the state of the Nation's Address by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his relevant encounter with the press."

She revealed further that, one of the first decision that my office took upon the assumption of office was to send a written caveat to all ministries, departments and agencies to stop the abrogation of contracts and refer all such matters to my office for advice. The objective of the caveat was to avoid the unnecessary litigations with government for claims of judgment Sept. Also, As you may know, the infamous payment of judgment Sept was one of the vehicles that some of the officials of the previous government used in siphoning money from the state coffers."

Hon. Adwoa Sarfo made it cleared that, The  vision of His Excellency the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to strengthen indigenous Ghanaians to participate fully and competitively. To this end,the president has Shown his full commitment to implement fully the 70 per cent local content policy that allows indigenous Ghanaians to take up 70 per cent of all government procurement. He has further directed that 30 per cent of all government procurement which finds expression in the 70 per cent local content should be given to companies owned by our teaming youth, women and person with disability who are identified as marginalized group in the country. Today we are here to live the dream of the president by ensuring that we put together a policy for immediate implementation."

Source: www. | Kofi Dwumah

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