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John Agyekum Kufour Foundation
John Agyekum Kufour Foundation is launching

The John Agyekum Kufour Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign to raise 80 million Ghana Cedis as an Endowment Fund to sustain the vision of the founder,former president H. E John Agyekum Kufour.

The year - long programme has the theme:80for80 (80 million Ghana Cedes for 80 years). Former president Kufour's vision is the establishment of a peaceful, well governed and economically sustainable society in Ghana and Africa. that vision, he believes, will be achieved through the promotion of effective leadership as the catalyst for good governance, and socioeconomic development.

The capital campaign aims to raise 80 million Ghana Cedis (approximately USD15 million).Five (5) million dollars to be used to construct The Kufoure Centre for Leadership and Governance, Ten (10) million dollars to be invested under an Endowment Fund.

 Returns on this investment will be used to run the programmes of the Foundation including :

*Kufour scholars program (KSP) :Transformational leadership training /mentoring of tertiary students.

*Kufour Young Entrepreneurs Network :Mentoring of young entrepreneurs *Annual Lecture series on Government and Development. The Kufour Elections Observers Groups. The  Kufour  prize for  Best Community Leadership.

Listed below are the activities lined up for the year-long campaign :1.Formal Launch of the Capital campaign for the Endowment Fund.
(7February 2018 at the Residence of former president Kufour. )

Fundraising Dinner
(2 March 2018 at Accra International Conference Centre )

3.Celebrity Walk
(9 June 2018-details to be confirmed)

4. Concert
(August /September 2018(details to be confirmed)

(October 2018 at the Baba yara sports stadium, Kumasi

6. Gala Night
(8 December 2018(A celebration of life) venue to be confirmed.

7. Thanksgiving Service (non-denominational)
(9 December 2018 at the Accra international Conference Centre.


Kufour scholars program (KSP),established in 2015,currently training 35 university students, is committed to adding value to tertiary  education by making its beneficiaries transformational leaders in Ghana and Africa. The program will maintain a minimum of 80 university students annually, who all be provided with, laptops, coaching, mentoring, national /international summer experiences, stipends, internship and taken through leadership practice projects.

KUFOUR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK ,established in 2017,has 10 young entrepreneurs being monitored currently.  The network will host 20 entrepreneurs annually and provide coaching, technical capacity support and assistance to transform their businesses into a world -class one.  There will also be a platform for interaction with successful entrepreneurs.

ANNUAL GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT LECTURE SERIES, held at least twice a year,with guest speakers of global standing. This will directly impact at least 5000 practitioners annually.

KUFOUR CENTRE FOR LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE, currently under construction at the university of Ghana, will provide a home for national and international governance and development practice session for Ghana and Africa's growth.  The centre when completed will have :a 500-seat auditorium,conference facilities and a library for governance and development, I presidential office suite, 15 other offices, 5 seminar rooms for mentoring and coaching and 2 recreational /restaurant facilities.

THE KUFOUR ELECTION OBSERVERS GROUPS, This award is expected to work with the former president to monitor election in Ghana and Africa.

THE KUFOUR PRIZE FOR COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP, The award Is dedicated to community development and leadership. It will target individual and community groups who demonstrate transformation leadership at the community level and promote sustainable development.

Source: | Kofi Dwumah

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