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I believed in Shatta Wale’s dream – Shatta Mitchy

The queen of the Shatta Movement Empire, Shatta Mitchy, has disclosed that many of her friends have asked her why she kept focusing on the then Bandana (Shatta Wale) at the time he was out of the Ghana music industry over a decade ago. 

According to Mitchy, she did not know Shatta Wale was going to be as big as he is today, but only carried the faith and believed in him. To her, Shatta Wale was ‘nobody’ when she met him, but their relationship kept going due to the believe she had in his dream. 

Shatta Mitchy in a recent Facebook post, wrote, “My divas are asking how I knew daddy would make it I didn’t know, I just believed.” There is no doubt Shatta Wale today, has become very successful and one of the richest musicians compared to his peers in the Ghana music industry. 

The artiste recently in a social media post lauded his 'wife', Mitchy, for having enough patience and standing with him when he was in the doldrums. Today, Shatta Mitchy is said to be living a fulfilled life as her long wait and suffering appears to be over with Shatta Wale. 

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