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I am a trained Karatis who can easily floor former CID Boss - Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong
Kennedy Agyapong

Maverick politician, Kennedy Agyapong has boasted of his training in Karate indicating that he is capable facing former Director General of the Criminal Investigations (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, Bright Oduro and beating him to a pulp.

“I am good fucken trained Karatis, I will deal with that meager…. he is an asshole. I will meet him on Tuesday at Adom. He has threatened to come to Adom with his land guards to deal with me, I am waiting for him”, he disclosed on Oman Fm Boiling Point on Tuesday.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand expressed his readiness to face off with him [Bright Oduro] to show the stuff he is made of; insisting he is not scared of him simply because he is no longer a policeman in uniform.

“I will meet him and subject him to three hefty slaps that will land him on the ground. If he rises, I am not sure he will dare try to face me again. I  will blow the cover of all police officers who are allegedly conspiring with land guards to seize all legally acquired lands of individuals in this country”, he threatened.

According to him, if the former CID Boss claims he is bringing persons from his hometown to beat him, he should be reminded that even women in his hometown in the Assin Central Constituency are mad than he thinks and are capable of beating  men.

“I will beat the hell out of him. I will give him two kicks and I am certain he will not rise again. There are two things I am good at, money and fight. I was supposed to travel on Tuesday but will not go again because of Bright Oduro. If I make a mistake and move an inch he will be declared the victor. I will go to Adom Fm on Tuesday for him to do his worse”, he disclosed.

The Assin Central lawmaker warned that if he thinks lawlessness is the order of the day then he should rethink his behavior.

“I could have ordered for his arrest to be locked up but I just want to beat him up”, he threatened.

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