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Fella Makafui Has Made It In Life Chale! From A Picanto Owner To Landcruiser, Owning A Business In East Legon & More–A Look At Her Achievements

Fella Makafui is still trending and we just can’t help but admire the 23-year-old girl who has been able to make soo much money within a short span and investing in one business to the other. Although Efia Odo has asserted that, the YOLO actress made all the money she has now by banging politicians and rich fellas, we at cannot confirm that but only report what Efia Odo claims, since they used to be great friends, so they shared lots of secrets right?

Well, before Fella Makafui became the Fella we know today, we knew that at least she wasn’t that rich, neither was she also that broke but now she’s better than she was some few years ago.

She won the hearts of most youthful people for her role in the TV series YOLO where she played the role of a  naive bread seller with a bad control of the English language who was used by boys in the neighborhood.

Fella Makafui after YOLO went ahead to win 3 awards in 2016. She won the Most promising actress at the 2016 Golden Movie Awards and also the Most promising actress at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards, held in Nigeria.

Although she’s not played a lead role in any movie yet (unless there’s one we don’t know of) she’s been featured in not less than 3 movies since she hit the limelight as an actress.

Fella Makafui was known as a model, dancer, and n*dist before she became Fella and was criticised heavily when n**de photos of her emerged on Social media but it seems, she’s since stopped taking such pictures, to avoid the wrath of Ghanaians.

If my memory serves me right, she used to drive a Picanto back in 2016 when I met her at the university of Ghana (UG) and the rumours it that her parents are “OK” and they bought it for her.Things must be really moving on fast for the young girl now.

When Efia Odo started ‘beefing’ Fella Makafui, the YOLO actress although didn’t react to her allegations directly, she kept throwing subtle shots at Efia Odo on Social media via her Instagram and Snapchat.

At one point, she teased Efia Odo about the number of cars that she has and how she finds it hard to even decide on which car to use at some point . In one of her posts, she also asked Efia Odo to grow up.

Fella Makafui Flaunts her cars, a Land Cruiser and a BMW

Credit:Alvin Lan

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