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David Oscar exposes hypocrite DKB

David Oscar exposes hypocrite DKB

Former Comedian, David Oscar has revealed that he teamed up with DKB in the past to attack George Quaye, Head of Communication at Charter House.

According to him, they created fake accounts to attack the person of George Quaye because his organization was not patronizing the services of Ghanaian comedians but were rather bringing in Nigerians to their show.

He indicated that DKB although doing that to George Quaye still remains his (George Quaye) friend hence tagging him as a hypocrite.

David Oscar also disclosed that DKB had called him secretly to start the attacks on Charter House because they continue to fly in Nigerians whiles there are a great number of comedians in Ghana doing very good for themselves.

 On his part, DKB indicated that David Oscar was speaking out of bitterness but insisted that Charter House has and is destroying the career of Ghanaian comedians because they fail to patronize them but rather employ the services of Nigerian comedians.

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