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Creative arts is bigger than tourism; it can change perception of Ghana - Flowking Stone


Rapper Flowking Stone has urged the Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts Ministry to brand the sector in a more organized and appealing way.

He argued that the creative arts sector here in Ghana is capable of changing the perception of the country.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the award-winning rapper mentioned that proper data should be collected to be able to adequately ascertain the value of the sector.

This he explained, will put the sector in a better position to get the needed support from the government.

When creative arts here in Ghana is branded properly, it goes a long way to affect the tourism sector in a positive way as well, Flowking noted.

“...Creative arts can change the perception of a nation. This affects the tourism sector as well. People want to go to America because of what they see in their music videos and stuff and that is a very big thing for their tourism sector. I think it is time for our leaders [Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture] to gather data and let the government know our worth...,” he said.

Flowking Stone, who is well known for his indigenous Ghanaian brand, further urged the government to include creative arts persons in the promotion of made in Ghana goods.

He told Andy Dosty on the show that this is one of the ways to push the agenda since the sector is capable of making this happen through its movies, songs and others.

“Let's change the mindset of people through our music movies and the rest. Let's use this avenue to let Ghanaians know that made in Ghana goods are the best,” he said.

The rapper is currently promoting his new song, ‘Real Talk’, which urges Ghanaians to put the country first.


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