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Yvonne Nelson reveals why she decided to have a baby with Jamie Roberts

Actress Yvonne Nelson has revealed that her ultimate decision to have a child with Jamie Roberts, a photographer who hails from Wales, was she felt he was the right man.

Yvonne Nelson and Jamie Roberts welcomed their baby girl, Ryn Roberts on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

According to the actress, she did not accept the proposal of an ex because Jamie is “the right guy I can start something with.”

Speaking in an interview with Zylofon FM, Yvonne Nelson said: “Someone proposed and I didn’t even marry him. I felt like okay this is the right guy I can start something with.”

She added that, “It’s fate and can happen to someone at 25 but mine happened to me when I turned 29. I felt like this is the time for me to have kids and I need to start.

“Of course my mum is my role model, she had kids when she was young. Yes, you will feel a little pressure as a woman but not to force someone to marry you,” the actress concluded.

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