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STMA Conducts Demolition Exercise at Kwesimintsim

The sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly has conducted a demolition exercise at an unauthorized market at kwesimintsim, a suburb of Takoradi to ensure free movement of vehicles and prevent accidents.

The exercise took place yesterday, between 6am and 10am following an early notice on Thursday 11th January, 2018 by the Assembly at the unauthorized market place but the market women did not pay heed to it. The exercise was led by some STMA officials together with the police and military personnel.

The market women were taken aback after they found over 20 stalls, 80 tables, 50 boxes among several other valuable destroyed. Most of them cursed and hurled insults at the team that undertook the exercise. Others wept bitterly over the destroyed item which cost them huge sums of unpaid loans.

A tomatoes seller, madam Margaret Aidoo speaking with started that, though where they sell is unauthorized, that is where most of the market women make a lot of money. She added that the city authorities should have given them an ample time to move to the new market at Apremdo.

Meanwhile, the assembly has reportedly conducted several meetings and dialogues with these market women urging them to move to the new market at Apremdo peacefully but all efforts proved futile.
Some sellers viewed the exercise with political lenses and advised that the incumbent government should be voted out in 2020. Residents also told Omy tv news that the new market women to stay at the unauthorized market to sell.

Some food vendors pleaded that the authorities should temper justice with mercy in order to allow them go about their selling activities at the lorry station.

The STMA officials urged all sellers to move to the new market at Apremdo to enforce law and order, prevent motor accidents and ensure proper sanitation in the area.

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