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Standard wages for artistes to be announced in the coming days

The President of the Musician Union of Ghana, Bice Osei Kuffour has announced that the Union in the coming days will announce standard charges for musicians in the country.

According to him, the charges will depend on the caliber of the artistes.

He said, “We will have A-list artistes, B-list artistes, C-list artistes and MUSIGA is going to propose standard minimum wages that these artistes must be paid when you engage them for their services”.

He added that “We will mention the rates…what we will prescribe is not what the people will be charging but the minimum. It is one of the core mandates of MUSIGA just like the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) have their standards for lawyers. The lawyer works for one hour and there is an amount the lawyer must charge”.

He, however, said if musicians fail to comply with these new standards, “they will be ‘spoiling’ their own markets”.

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