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Ministry of finance today Organized a workshop for stakeholders to digest on GREEN CLIMATE FUND at LA PALM ROYAL BEACH HOTEL in Accra. had an interview with Mr.Ayirebi Frimpong who is the (project Coordinator of GCF Readiness)and He said, "When the weather pattern for  long period of time changes,that is what we refer to as a change in climate within a particular areas.

He said,When that particular incidence happens,it present us with various challenges. It bring us the issue of erratic rain fall and you can't really determining the level of  amount of rain fall  you are going to get,and it affect also temperature. It also have a lot of an impact for Agriculture,for health and other various sectors even for infrastructure."

Mr. Frimpong made it clear that, "It's very important that development country like Ghana should be able to put themselves in the situation where they have the required finance to allow them to be able to deal with some of these challenges. The flood that we experience in Accra in the past was some of the challenges. These are some of the situation that we need to deal with and it also requires money to help deal with some of these challenges, He said,"

According him,GCF is very important, because even if Ghana is having his own money, we can still have the opportunity to go up to GCF to request them for money.

He said again, "The development countries help us by transferring money through GCF to be given to all the countries they need support especially like Ghana."

Mr.Ayirebi Frimpong concluded by saying, Ghanaians should also contribute their quoter by working with the Government and make sure that Ministry of environment or Ministry of Finance will look for policy to help us implement some of these things. We also work hand in hand with them so that we can creast a lot of awareness."

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