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Prophet Kumchacha speaks on Edumanu leaked video


 Nicholas Osei, better known as Prophet Kumchacha has disclosed that he is overwhelmed and marveled at sexual position exhibited by the 19-year-old female student in the Edumanu leaked video.

According to Prophet Kumchacha, the mother of the female student will even be overwhelmed when she sees the leaked video. 

Speaking to Kofi TV in Accra, Kumchacha described the young female student as ‘naughty girl’. "

The sex position doesn’t match her age. Anyone who watches the video will know that she’s a spoilt child. What! Kneeling on a kitchen stool? I haven’t seen such a position before”, he said. 

The prophet said the sex position displayed by the young girl is scary and very adventurous. “I’m sure her mother will even applaud her for being adventurous because she [the lady] has done what the mother can’t,” he said on Kofi TV.

 The religious leader in his interview however, cautioned the general public to desist from filming and releasing such embarrassing videos.

  The harm has already been done but let’s stop leaking and circulating naked pictures. Whoever does that is primitive and lacks wisdom. Don’t you know by that, you’re destroying the future of victims? 

You’re destroying the future of the lady,” he said. A leaked video involving the headmaster of Adumanu Basic School, Robert Sepey, and a third-year senior high school student has stunned many Ghanaians.

 In the four minutes 16 seconds video which has gone viral, the lady is seen kneeling on a kitchen stool with her hands placed on the floor while Mr. Sepey stood behind her throughout the act. 

Though the 19-year-old student has admitted the act was consensual, Ghana Education Service has fired the headmaster after thorough investigations into the matter. 

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