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Only One Nigerian was an Usher at the CAF awards

Claims that only Nigerian ladies were used as ushers are unfounded and misleading that is according to Young Scarlette, the event staffing and management agency that provided ushers for the recently held CAF Awards.

There were reports on several news platforms that Nigerians dominated every aspect of the CAF awards held in Ghana to honour people in football.

But the Managing Director of Young Scarlette, Ms Monalisa Effah who spoke to termed the allegation as misleading and unsubstantiated.

According to her, on the night of the awards, out of the thirty-seven ladies who ushered thirty-six of them were Ghanaians whiles one was a Nigerian. She indicated that claims that the ladies were flown from Nigeria were fallacious and misleading and that all the ladies were in Ghana and had been taken through thorough auditioning.

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