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Obibini Takyi Jnr: ready to follow Ebony Reigns to hell if heaven rejects her



Highlife legend, Obibini Takyi may be disappointed wherever he is after reading this comment from his son.

In an interview with Obibini Takyi Jnr on "Black Legendary TV", the singer was asked about his comment on Ebony’s outfits which some people tag as indecent
In his respond, Obibini Takyi Jnr said there is nothing wrong with Ebony’s outfit, regardless of how long or short it can be.
He believes those criticizing the young singer are hypocrites and should use the right channel to advise her instead of going on air to criticize her hard-work
"I don’t see anything wrong with what Ebony wears. I am the wrong person to be asked this question because I’m a fan and being a fan of someone means you love everything about them. She can go long or short I will still be a fan.

However, my only issue is with those bashing her on air. She is just in her early 20’s and just looks at how influential she has been. Instead of using the right approach to correct her wrongs, they are being talkative on air which is 100 percent hypocritical," Obibini Takyi Jnr stated

In an answer to why he sees the need to support the "Maame Hw3" hitmaker, Obibini further said "I’m one person who doesn't love to judge because i wouldn't like to be judged by my fellow man and that’s why I don’t see anything wrong with Ebony’s dressing. I heard people saying she is an agent of Satan, really? who are they to judge?
Even if on that day if Ebony is rejected in Heaven, I will still follow her to hell, which I know won’t happen because God doesn’t judge by what people say about others but what’s in the heart,"Obibini Takyi Jnr added
Obibini Takyi Jnr is following the trend of his late father, Obibini Takyi, noted for song, "Akosombo Nkania".
He is currently out his collaboration with Kofi Kinaata and Zack, titled "Y3b3 Bo".

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