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Nonbelievers sponsoring research seeking to deny the existence of God-Otabil

The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Reverend Dr Mensa Otabil has admonished Christians not to be swayed by the so-called research findings that seek to denigrate God or question his existence in the universe.

‘’There is a grand agenda to take Jesus Christ from the minds of people across the world just as they have done to remove Christ from Christmas and are now referring to it as X-mas’’, Dr Otabil revealed

According to him, the move by some faceless people especially nonbelievers in the world is to shift the focus from things that glorify God.

Speaking at a three-day spiritual encounter program at Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), a charismatic church in Kumasi, the Servant of God revealed that some atheists are sponsoring multi-million dollar research into findings that will seek to deny the existence of God.

Christians, the man of God cautioned are therefore to be wary of things they consume as truth from research findings which has become a norm in recent times.

The Teacher of the word noted, ‘there is a conscious plan by these faceless people including powerful media houses to come up with research findings that downplay the existence of God’.

Dr Otabil wondered why people are quiet when football teams spend huge amounts to pay footballers they employ but find it strange when people give offerings to the church to help spread the word of God.

‘’The Church has come to a point where its congregations across the world should be able to financially support the propagation of the gospel ‘’, the ICGC overseer posited.

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