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I won’t stop singing in Hausa and Dagbani - Fancy Gadam


Ghanaian artist Fancy Gadam has admitted that although breaking into the international market with his mother language will be a challenge he will not drop his language for that of another.

In an interview with Kasapa FM, Fancy Gadam said he believes that what makes him unique is his language and that is why people believe in him so he will continue to make music with Hausa and Dagbani.

I sing in Hausa and Dagbani. I wont change the language I sing in because I am the selling point of my language and that is why my people believe in me", he said.
"Maybe I will have to blend it with English but rejecting my language will not happen.”
He indicated that if he needs Twi in his songs he knows the artists to call and said that after working hard he deserved to named artiste of the year.

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