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Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo 1st lady of Ghana today visited KOFI ANNAN (ICT) to launch "Girl can code: Empowering Girls and Women through (ICT). had an interview with Mrs.Rebecca Akufo Addo and said," I am very pleased to be with you today as we launch GIRLS CAN CODE: EMPOWERING GIRLS AND WOMEN THROUGH (ICT)project. I was really excited when I first learned about this project, because in an ever evolving IT world, this project offers our young girls,the opportunity to be active participants in the field of coding .

According to her,"it is also important for us to recognize that,Information and Communications Technologies can be used to improve women's economic outlook and address the gender gab in IT. This is both good for our girls and the development of the IT field in Ghana"

Indeed the emerging digital economy, offers developing countries like Ghana an opportunity to take a quantum leap in development, by transforming the economy in a high- value -added,information and knowledge based economy.

Her H.E. Rebecca said, "I am therefore happy to learn that this project seeks to train three hundred young girls and twenty teachers from ten senior High Schools in computer coding and leadership skills. This will of course enable young girls to experience ICTs in a new light and encourage them to consider a future in technology. Ultimately we will be developing young girls to be critical thinkers and creators of technologies and inspire them to develop their full potential."

She emphasized that," Education is seen as a positive enabler to reduce poverty ,inequalities and produce an inclusive society.We are all aware that we need t improve the quality of our education. One sure way of doing this is for us to incorporate ICT into our educational. So yes we need more projects like this to make us globally competitive and relevant. And I am particular grateful that we are taking steps for inclusion of women in technology and the ICT field.

As more women understand the value of the internet and ICTs in terms of sustainable livelihoods,they will improve their quality of life and become more productive members of society. As women, we need to understand that, the internet is a resource for empowerment, for restoration, for self - development and for arming oneself in the knowledge economy."

Story By: Kofi Dwumah |

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