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Ghana’s tertiary hospitals should be privatized to make them efficient – Medical Doctor

A former medical doctor at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) now into private practice, Dr. Victor Soyuz Michaels says Ghana should consider privatizing all tertiary hospitals.

“In my view, I think they should privatize all the tertiary hospitals in the country. He told Kumasi FM in the Garden City on Monday.

His comments were in response to measures to make hospitals in the country better enough in healthcare delivery as some have claimed the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia was flown to the UK because the country has no competent doctors to manage his ailment.

Mr. Kinsley Aboagye-Gyadu, the Deputy Health Minister indicated earlier that Dr. Bawumia will receive “better healthcare” in the UK than Ghana.

This statement has not gone well with most Ghanaians especially medical doctors.

According to Mr. Soyuz, if the United Kingdom can manage all Executive members of Ghana to receive proper healthcare, why can’t Ghana have at least 70% of the healthcare facilities as compared to that of London?

 He noted that the country must at least have one well-equipped hospital for the executives in the country. “Why can’t we develop 37 Military Hospital to the international standards” he quizzed.

“I don’t want to go into politics of that, but it is not an excuse to send our dear Vice President to UK if we have a well-established Military hospital nobody would be able to access the facility”. He noted

He further acknowledged the fact that, indeed there are competent doctors in the country.

Dr. Soyuz, however, condemned statement made by the Minister for Information that, the Vice President was flown to the UK for medical care because people may troop in to visit him frequently which therefore will not give him the space to rest.

Revealing the dark side of KATH, he said “facility has no machine to determine breast cancer and the only MRI machine serving the northern part of the country has broken down and nobody cares; that’s a disgrace to this country. Even we private practitioners have more than one in our facilities so why can’t the government provide all these things in all our tertiary hospitals”. He asked.

He observed that, authorities are not bothered because they would be paid at the end of the month whether or not their work is fruitful, adding that should those equipment belong to leaders of the various sectors, they would have bothered to repair them to be functional.

“That is the problem we are facing in this country”.

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