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Gasmilla: Ebony’s songs cannot compare to my "Telemo"


Ghanaian artist Gasmilla has made a profound claim that his hit song "Telemo" which he produced four years ago surpasses any of the songs Ebony has released.

According to the singer, Ebony’s songs cannot match the success that Telemo had back in 2014.

In an interview with Showbiz, Gasmilla said his hit song was widely received and was the toast of many Ghanaians for nine months.
He reasoned that Telomo was a hit song for months as compared to Ebony’s whose hit song are many but do not last very long.
He added that musicians can have only one hit song in their entire career and that is it.
Telemo, as one would recall, became a street anthem and gave Gasmilla the recognition in the music industry.
He said artists like Nana Boroo and D-Cryme have not come out with a hit like “Aha Yede” and “Kill Me Shy” respectively

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