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DJ Black reveals being robbed twice in a month


Ghana's best DJ Kwadwo Ampofo, popularly known as DJ Black, has lamented the fragile state of the country’s security, revealing that he was robbed twice in a month. 

In a Facebook post, he disclosed that he has been subjected to seven attacks overall from criminals, but is yet to see the police taking any action. 

He further stated that the police are not apt with their response to robbery cases, but are quick to arrest drivers who default with their licenses. 

According to him, such a situation means the country is no longer safe for citizens. 

DJ Black wrote: “I feel so unsafe in this country. Robbed 2X in a month ,7 attempts in all and all Ghana Police does is take pictures with your phone and ask you to print it and send to them, and do nothing about it but are quick to arrest you for expired Drivers License. I bore.” 

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