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The Youth Mirror today had their meeting at Royal Ravico Hotel at Nugua in Accra year. The theme of this year is (INVESTING IN YOUR PAST).The  Youth Mirror is non-Organisation programme aimed of changing and affecting the lives of individuals especially the youth from all walks of life.

Jamyonline. com had an interview with Dr.  Solomon N. Ablampah who is the( President of The Youth Mirror T.Y.M) and explained, "The past is richer than the future, on that note, so many people dreams and aspirations in the past, but they don't know what is in future. If you know what you have at the past you can stand on what you have at past to build a future. Secondly, if you are solving a situation you have to start from known to unknown. "

According to him, "The known which we have in our life now is the past and ours is what we know. So if we know the past, we can better the past and make it a better future for us.

He said, a lot of people when we talk about the past, they think the negative aspects of the past. What they have been through, what has happened and what has disturbed them that was what they think about. But aside that in your past,there were good times, good dreams and good vision. Why can't you allow the good things to overshadow the bad things in your life."

Dr Solomon N. Ablampah  concluded by saying that, " I'm very surprised that, people are saying that their past is bad so they will not allow the good things in their past to reflect in their future.  They are still making a mistake once again in their lives. You have to go back to your past and select the good once for yourself and for your future,he said, "

The programme ended by   launching of next year's theme which was,(CREATING AND RECREATING YOUR VISION 30th JUNE 2018)

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