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MTN Ghana celebrating Ten (10) years. And within their celebration gave four (4) months training of coding for "TETTEH OCLOO SCHOOL OF DEAF"at Ashiaman in Accra -Tema and also presented award for the graduals.

Jamyonline had an interview with Mrs. Georgina Asare Fiagbenu who is the (Corporate Services Executive MTN AG) and she explained that, "Since the inception of the MTN Ghana foundation in 2007,the foundation has invested over USD13 million into impacting and life brightening projects across the country.

The foundation has directly impacted over four million Ghanaians with 142 projects in the areas of education, health and economic empowerment across all the ten region. with the same commitment, the foundation once again committed resources to support students of the institution,"

According her, "Indeed this project is of great importance to us at MTN because it seeks to empower persons with disability. Aside that, today 's activity happens to be one of the events marking the foundation's 10th anniversary."

The foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary under the theme (celebrating ten years of brightening lives, inspiring a brighter future). The theme highlights the foundation's role in  bringing the best  of  sustainable projects to both rural and urban people. It also highlight the  commitment to do more going forward, she said."As an organization with a vision to lead  the  delivery of a bold new digital world to our customers, MTN sees Apps development and ICT as tools to help eradicate poverty, create wealth and enhance the development of Ghana as has been done in other parts of the world.
That is why MTN Ghana foundation embark on this project in partnership with SORONKO foundation with  the primary objective of encouraging students with hearing impairment to participate in coding and computer programming in the following areas,she said."

*introduction to problem solving and critical thinking in our human centred Design
*Brush up on computer basics
*start and keep a blog of their experience, interests and feedback
*Hands on development of web applications
*Teach the participants how to harness the opportunities from social media
*Teach them how to tell their stories through blogs and videos
*Teach them how to monetize on their apps and ideas with recommence
*Build a network among the participants."
Mrs. Georgina emphasized that,"some few years ago MTN supported the Disability options-Ghana, a non-governmental organization NGO during the Disabled sports competition in Accra. The competition was opened to all disabled persons and was primarily aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disability. The participants compete for honours in disciplines such as blind and death football, tricycle and bicycle races and table tennis."

In conclusion Mrs.  Georgina Asare Fiagbenu  said, "I would like to express our  appreciation of the school authorities for creating and enabling environment for us to extend this support to the students. We also encourage the students to work hard and use the opportunity granted them to transform their lives and impact others in their society. It is the sincere hope that this support will contribute immensely to improve your lives and make you better empowered."

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