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The Ministry of Defence has been good to thepeople of Ghana since the last Meet the press in July 2016.A lot has happen and today the Ministry appreciate that Ghanaians are informed of this.

Jamyonline had an interview of the Minister of Defence Hon. Dominic Nitiwul and he explained, "The Headquarters of the Ministry provided the needed guidance to all the entities and agencies under the Ministry during the period under review. It was nevertheless very necessary to introduce a new direction at the Ministry in order to respond to the new demands following the change of government in January 2017."

He said, "As part of this new direction there have been some great exchanges both in and out of Ghana between the Ministry and partner ministries of some countries to identify common areas of cooperation and accomplishment. We have also sent delegations from the Ministry to friendly countries. All these exchanges were frank and productive.

One benefit of these relation is the Grant of approximately Thirty (30) Million Ghana CEDI's from the government and people of the people's republic of China for re-equipping the Ghana Armed Forces and the donation of four (4) Defender class Boats from the Chinese Government which I am happy to say I recently commissioned in sekondi ."
On the home front we have also had engagements with sister ministries and other organizations and especially the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Environment, science and Technology, Finance and justice as well as the Parliamentary sector committee on Defence and Interior. These engagements have also been very productive. We have been able to settle the US$ 30 million outstanding peacekeeping debt which was hanging on the neck of the Ministry form last year."

According to him,"We have also inaugurated our Entity Tender and Audit committee to improve procurement and funds utilisation and I have no doubt that in the coming years significant progress would be made in this Ministry. "

Hon. Dominic Nitiwul emphasized that,As Minister for Defence, I am proud of our Armed forces, and I have every reason to be this categorical. Since getting close to our sterling uniformed men and women and seen them at close quarters, I have every reason to be proud of them and I know at the bottom of my heart that you all are also proud of our troops."

I will now look st two of the mandates of the Ghana Armed Forces namely, internal operations and external operations."

HE CONTINUED, "operation Peace Trail is activated every election year to provide security before, during and after the elections. It is important here to acknowledge the important role that the Armed Forces played in the success of the 2016 Elections."

Hon.Nitiwul said, The operation vanguard, we are all aware of the negative impact of illegal small -scale mining popularly known as GALAMSEY .Our Water bodies across the country where this menace is being practiced have been polluted endangering the lives of our people. Our forests are being depleted at an alarming rate by this activity. Our environment is also being degraded at a terrific speed,sadly while we look on. Some will argue that it provides livelihood to many of our people, but one would ask at what cost? The operation is not meant to fight anybody, but rather to save all of us. I am happy to state that since the launch of the operation, this bad practice has ended in Manny areas. Highlights of arrests and seizure during the period 1 August-30th November 2017) were as follows,he said."

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