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Ghana National Fire Service today had their festival of nine lessons and carols at their Headquarters in Accra.

The acting Chief Fire Officer Mr.E.E BLANKSON  emphasized that, "I am very delighted for the opportunity to deliver this brief message at this gathering. I believe Officers and Men in the service have read my 2017 Christmas Message by now do I am reluctant to bore you with issues already in circulation. Let me begin by recognising the sacrifices made by our predecessors to bring the service this far."

He said, "I wish to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in the course of fire fighting or any duty related to their management of various operational scenarios. For those who are still in agonising pain or still nursing their wound ,let me state that I, Edwin Blankson with the support of Director will make lighter your burden and possibly extinguish all your pain. Let me assure you that your sacrifices would never be forgotten,he said."

He continued, I have declared during my tour of some of the regions and I deem it necessary to declare it again before you all at Akyianu Hall that ailments which may c occur as a result of firefighting and other emergency management shall be for by Ghana National Fire Service. Those days when firemen were asked to psy their medical bill are gone forever. "

The acting Chief Fire Officer Edwin Blankson said,"I have observed observed that we do not have a single document to enable us identify and remedy the challenges of Officers with disabilities and other impairment as a result of performing their legitimate duties. The Director Welfare has been tasked to make proposal in this regard so that we address this issue once and for all.

On the operational front ,the service responded to Four Thousand, One Hundred and Ninety(4,190)Fire outbreaks,Five Hundred and Forty seven (547) Road Traffic Collision incidents, and One Hundred and Twenty  four (124) Incidents which required Rescue Operations as at 30th November, 2017. Our records indicate that, there has been a 35% reduction in the total number of fire outbreak in the country this year compared to the same time last year.

Accordingly, the policy Direction of Management in the year 2018 will focus on the following Thematic areas among others,

(a )capacity Building for personnel locally and abroad.

(b) upgrading Resource and Equipment base of the service to meet international standard.

(c )Strategies for Rapid and Efficient Emergency Response across the country

(d) Occupational Health and Safety practices and standard operating procedures ,to enhance the safety of all personnel on the job.

(e )Rebranding the service to again public confidence, trust and support.

(f) Improving welfare and morale of personnel, through the provision of improved Conditions of service and conducive work environment.

(g) improvement of internal communication Mechanisms of the service, for efficient dissemination of information

(h) And finally, Cultivating conflict resolution mechanisms within the GNFS ,by the sensitization of personnel on grievance redress procedure of the service."

Accordingly, I wish to urge you all to be at peace with your fellow man or woman. We should put the past behind us, and build stronger bonds of friendship for the sake of mother Ghana and the general safety of all Ghanaians,he said."

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