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The Centre for Democratic Development Ghana (CDD GH) combine with ADOM FM to assimilate and  speak against the numerous corruption that is killing Ghanaian economy with theme "CORRUPTION WATCH"at Abosey Okaine in Accra.

Jamyonline had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Kwadwo Asante who is the senior researcher of CDD GH and He explained, "Corruption Watch is an initiative of CDD GH ,Joy fm,Ghana corruption coalition and Africa Centre for International Law and Accountability."
He said," Basically, we started this year November to create sustain media focus on corruption. Because we got in the point in our country where if a person don't leave in corruption life, that person will not succeed. The way we mobilized around Galamsey and issue like that, the media should focus on the corruption as well."

According to him, we are really risking a lot of things in Ghana. Our fear is that,the corruption has become too normal in our society. But people feel that everybody suppose to be participated in corruption before you can make it in life. If not, then you cannot get services that you need.
You have to pay bribe before your child will get access to school and other things."

He said, everywhere in our society there is a corruption,but it suppose to be essential and a roll.
So it's about time we have to pay attention for corruption. For about Ten (10),corruption cases keep come up but not even one person has been prosecuted . And the money that court is retrieving from people, only the" WOYOME's one the court is trying to retrieve. So this is the reason why CDD GH, we partner with ADOM FM to create awareness to public on corruption. "

In conclusion Mr.Kwadwo Asante said, "Another case we been pursuing is the centre medical store that has been burnt which wealth US$ 80 million.

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