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papaye is one of leading food company in Ghana and they have been in country for years with good food and today awarding (30) public and private basic schools in Accra.

Mr. Divine Aseidu who is the (Chief executives officer of PAPAYE) ,Explained in his speech "This event, "papaye Excellence Award "is an innovation of our august organization with it prime aim of promoting academic excellence within the first (1)cycle institutions in Accra and in environs.

We have brilliant and disciplined pupils from (30) school from both the private and public sector. Each school is proudly represented by (27) pupil. The first three pupil per class from basic one (1) to JHS three (3) will be awarded. Thus a total of over( 810) pupil are beneficiaries in this annual event ,he said.

Mr. Divine Aseidu emphasized that, "This event is formatted in a typical "OURDAY" of old fashion ,where the pupils are refreshed and given certificates and education materials to enhance schooling."

I would like to take this opportunity to call on our pupil to be disciplined and learn hard to be able to equip themselves for the unknown future .

Again he said, I wish to entreat parents to regulate the use of electronic gadgets by theirs ward as it has potential of influencing them negatively if supervision is thrown to the dogs. He further urged the Ministry Of Education to look at our academic syllabus one more time. He continued, that, knowledge and skills imparted and acquired by our children in the classroom should be relevant to successful  career and in fulfillment of the demand of the increasing globalised and competitive world."

The company trust that the  aforementioned stakeholders will offer us their usual co-operation in our common interest of upholding educational standards and rewarding academic performance.

In conclusion, Mr. Divine Aseidu pointed out that, Papaye wish  to pledge our commitment to be environmentally conscious, customer oriented, socially responsible and uphold a high level of integrity in our operations,he said."

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