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Today  MTN foundation Ghana has commissioned the Assistive Technology Unit at the university of Ghana LEGON in Accra. The facilities will promote independence for the over 2000 students with special needs and also decrease their quest for special assistive in pursing their studies.

According to Mr. Samuel Koranteng who is the (Acting Corporate Service Executive of MTN) "the  MTN Ghana foundation responded to a request by the university of Ghana to help set up an Assistive Technology Unit. Since it establishment in November 2007,the MTN Ghana foundation has been instrumental in nation development by supporting and initiating projects in communities across Ghana",he said.

He continued that, The foundation has also implemented over 142 projects in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment of the total cost of over USD$ 13.3 million. These projects have impacted over four million people in Ghana. He said, since Education is one of the critical areas of Ghana's socio-economic development agenda, MTN Ghana foundation has over the years invested in projects aimed at developing sector.

Mr. Samuel Koranteng emphasized , the foundation believe that, it's an inherent right of every Ghanaians to have access to education and we are happy  to be giving more Ghanaians the chance to a better education. MTN Ghana foundation therefore accepted to support this project at a total of GHC 217.000 with the following equipment.

*1 prodigy Desktop
* 1sara scanner
* 1projector screen
* 1projector
* 3 Handheld magnifiers
* 1 SMA for jaws
* 3 External hard drives
* 1 Braille printer
* 5 Laptops
* 1 Laser jet
* 15 computers

Mr. Samuel Koranteng,  concluded," as we continue to work together with our partners and stakeholders just as we have done over the past 10 years, we will continue to inspire a brighter future,he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Baidoo who is the college Secretary of the school received the item with thanks and said, "we congratulate the MTN foundation Ghana for embarking on this noble gesture which has led to the injection of close to GHC 200,000 for purposes of retooling our Assistive Technology Unit that has ended up making our assistive technology unit one of the most equipped currently in the country, i would not hesitate to add that,it is the only one at the tertiary level of education that provides the myriad of special needs service that one can achieve, he said.

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