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Today Ministry Of Food And Agriculture received donations from TEN (10) respectives companies in Ghana at their head office in Accra.

The ministry received GHC10,000 cheque and a products valued at GHC 55,000 form RMG Ghana Limited,GHC 25,000 cheque and fertilizer valued at GHC 11,500 from YARA GHANA, GHC 35,000 from Glofert Ghana,GHC 10,000 cheque and Local Rice from Wienco Ghana,GHC 100,000 from Bank of Ghana,GHC 10,000 from Golden Exotics Limited,GHC 500,00 from Supermaritime,GHC 10,000 from GhanaFree zone,GHC 5,000 also from Global Haulage and some items from positive Agro solutions.

Hon. Dr. Sagre Bambangi (who is the Deputy minster of Agric) received all the donations on behalf of the ministry of food and  agriculture towards the national farmers day celebration with thanks and said,"The ministry Is so greatful and acknowledged your contributions to honour our Ghanaian FARMERS and corperations  through out the year's,he said".

He continued,"The ministry Will asure you that,under the leadership of Hon.Osei Akoto (minister of food and agriculture ),copped this donations for good used to motivate our farmers and achieve the objectives of this celebration."

Hon.Dr. Bambangi emphasized that,"we like to state clearly to you all here that, our president has a new method for agriculture. The budget that has been presented by
Minister of Finance today clearly indicates that, we are on the road map to ensure that Agriculture wealth better than we are ensuring you that, a year's ahead Will boom your business and encourage you to step up your social responsibilities, he said.

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