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Ghana and Iran had a business discussion today at the office of GHANA EXPORT PROMOTION AUTHORITY(GEPA) in Accra.

Mrs.Gifty Klenam (CEO OF GEPA) explained in  her speech,"Ghana has a wealth of resources, a dynamic economy and demonstrable good political system that stimulates business development and attraction of foreiw directinvestment(FDI) in recent years.our government is committed to further develop the nation through investment in the telecommunication,energy, financial and many important sectors".

One of these sectors is the core area of my (GEPA) institution's facilitation. We can say clear that this sector presents many opportunities for both local and foreign investments .indeed , research has shown that the sectow holds the key to Ghana's export diversification drive, particularly with the following produe, cocoa processing, horticultural products such as pineapple and mangoes , fresh and processed fish, Palm oil, cashewnuts, Shea butter , oil seeds, garments and textiles,handicrafts,natural rubber,yam,medicinal plants and the export of services,she said".

According to her, GEPA is now very aggressively , Implementing the National export strategy( NES), which was first launched in 2013, in furtheracne of the strategic objective of the NES, GEPA has under my administration set its strategic objective of increasing the contribution of NTEs, from the currentUSD 2.4 billion to USD 10 billion,she said.

Mrs.Klenam emphasized that,"To achieve this ambitious target,GEPA has developed and launched a comprehensive 4 year's work plan towards the development of identified key priority products notable amongst which are pineapple ( smooth cayenne variety,which was recently launched), cashew, Shea and yam amongst other, with comprehensive sectoral intervention programs and implementable action plans aimed at achieving our set strategic target of USD 10 billion in NTEs.This plan forms part of GEPA s initiatives in response to increasing the dwindling supply base of exportable products , through the development of new and improved seedlings for planting to improve the competitiveness of GhanaIan products in both local and international markets.
Hon. Gifty  Klenam concluded by saying,"I want to add that the government has created an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. In recent years . Ghana has embarked on an ambitious but achievable reform programme to improve the investment climate for both local and international investors. These efforts have paid off  tremendously with Ghana being ranked the best place for doing business in west Africa, ahead of Nigeria and Cote d'voire, according to the 2017 Ease of Doing Business Report.To our Iranians brothers,you are therefore assured that your venture with Ghana will yield positive results,she said.

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