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Canada -Ghana Chamber Of commerce today had this years breakfast seminar with  the theme ( The Role Of The Ghana Stock Exchange On The Country's Private Sector  Development )at HOLIDAY INN HOTEL in Accra .The two (2) countries merged up to promote Business and Trade  for years.

According to Mr. Albert Kobina Essien who was the chairman of (Ghana Stock exchange )."Ghana stock exchange is a regulated market, it has it owned Rules,system and framework. These Rules and regulations are needed to build above investor and usual confident. He said, most of the  shareholders buy the shares, they don't look at the dividends. But one very important part of it is capital appreciation."

Mr. Albert Kobina Essien emphasized that," everybody have the right to find out weather the company is  growing or shrinking. It's not all about dividend, you have to make sure that, the company is growing and that you as a shareholder, you can know true capital appreciation.

The  companies should publish their account. If you have a shares in a company that does not publish it account, You should  question what is happening to the company, he said.

When the company does not publish their account, it means there is a problem   check it out.

Mr. Essien explained that, The central Bank now insisting that ,all the Banks should publish their account. He explained also that, the banks which went down,they were not publishing their account and the shareholders couldn't ask or question the bank. For about three (3)years one of these banks couldn't publish their account. But when they went down, people were accusing the stock exchange. so that should be something we have to talk about,he said.

Mr. Albert Kobina Essien concluded by saying, stock exchange is a unique platform for businesses, it also good to enhance capital appreciation and dividends for those who play on it,he said.

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